Founder of the Brooklyn chef collective, Anna left a career in Engineering to follow what she loved the most  and to create a team of talented chefs  to collaborate with her, in response to the growing needs of her business. Inspired by traditional cooking techniques from her south Indian heritage, she has fused modern trends with old world cooking practices to create unique tastes and experiences for her clients.



    T'ai is essentially a naturalist, believing that nature has done most of the work for her. She is highly creative with a talent for combining the skilled and contrived with just the right amount of irrepressible aplomb. From her early years at the famous Coyote Cafe, with Chef Mark Miller, to landing her dream job at the iconic Lespinasse in New York City, under the tutelage of Gray Kunz, Christopher Broberg and Christian Delouvrier.

      In 2000 Chef Delouvrier moved  to France and work for Master Chef Renee Berard in La Cadiere, Provence, and then back to New York to work with Lidia Bastianich and Mario Batali in the opening of Del Posto in New York City.

    ​ With all this experience, her desserts are art forms balanced in composition, neither being too sweet and overwhelming or missing that which makes dessert something that everyone craves!

  • ANNE


    Anne’s love of the kitchen was learned at the apron strings of her mother, herself a Master Chef and baker. The baking bug hit hard a couple of years ago, when she started her own Nine Berry Bakery and ever since she has been churning out cakes, pies, cookies, artisanal breads and sweet and savory breakfast treats. She has been integral in her contributions to  BCC, specializing in seasonal and heritage recipes with a modern twist, Anne’s repertoire appeals to a broad range of palates -- from rich and elegant for decadent celebrations to gluten- and dairy-free for those with restrictions. Her philosophy is simple- Make everything from scratch, No fillers or artificial flavors, no shortcuts, and accept nothing less than perfection.



    Following a decision to change career paths, Cressida's love to cooking led her to enrol at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City. Her culinary studies culminated in a stage at Chef April Bloomfield's Michelin starred gastropub The Breslin Bar & Dining Room where her passion for seasonal, delicious cooking was solidified. Today, Cressida is working as a chef with BCC, continuing to pursue a holistic, produce-driven approach to food. More recently Cressida has become a Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommelier and is working on developing pairings for her dishes.



    Born in Hokkaido and raised in Tokyo, Miyuki started her own version of the Bento box - a longtime tradition of Japanese cuisine that includes rice, fish or meat, with pickled or cooked vegetables -BentoClub is a subscription-based home-packed food catering service and members club that sources fresh market-driven ingredients from farmer's markets and top quality fish mongers. In her extensive travels, Miyuki has derived inspiration from various ethnic cuisine that allow her to give her own twist on her homeland's style of cooking.

    Miyuki contributes her perfected skills to the the Chef collective in exquisite ways, always approaching the menus with a unique eye for aesthetic and matching flavors.



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