our full service sample menus

$50 - $70 pp

• A •




• Tartines Smoked salmon Ricotta & Proscuito goat cheese

• Savory Leek feta scones

• Savory Muffins (GF)

• Spanish Frittata with roasted corn, herbs and zucchini (GF)

• Cardamom French Toast served with fruit compote & Maple syrup

• Chia Pudding cups with coconut and almond milks (GF/DF)

• Yogurt Parfait with ginger berry compote

• Coconut Lemon Coffee Breakfast cake




• Marinated beets, microgreens, goat cheese, dried apricot, walnut salad with tahini buttermilk dressing

• Quinoa salad with sautéed spring greens, artichoke, watercress, hearts of palm and fried capers

• Mixed greens with soy chili eggplant, pear, bean sprouts, tuxedo sesame seeds

• Steamed Green beans with cilantro chili dressing

• 3 cheese Mac n cheese with Rye crust and swiss chard

• Grilled Tofu w/ ginger chill sauce served with Shiso Rice

• Coconut meatballs with curry spiced Orzo and cumin roasted Okra




• Flourless ChocCardamom Torte with choc ganaches

• Pistachio cake with orange blossom syrup

• Selection of cookies



• B •




• Potato, Zucchini, sweet corn and mint goat cheese Frittata

• Scrambled eggs, with roasted coconut, green chili and shallots (GF/DF)

• Applewood thick cut smoked bacon

• Seaonal Fruit salad cups

• Chia pudding cups with almond/ coconut milks and date syrup (GF/DF)

• Yogurt parfait cups with museli/ granola and mixed berry compote/ ginger date

• Smoked salmon Tartines with pickled sweet onion, capers and ricotta

• Homemade granola and fruit bars




• Mediterranean Pearl couscous with roasted heirloom carrots, sumac sweet corn, sautéed greens, fried garbanzo and crushed walnuts

• Steamed Green Beans with mildy spiced coconut sauce

• Black garlic and flake salt cauliflower couscous with roasted brussel sprouts and sautéed spinach and chickpeas with yogurt tahini dressing

• Coconut Lime Lentils with mustard seeds and curry leaves

• Cumin and saffron Infused Brown Rice

• Grilled Ras El hanout Chicken with dill potatoes

• Miso Maple Salmon, black sesame, chili oil

• Artichoke and Spinach Mac n Cheese




• Chocolate Almond Olive Oil Cake (GF)

• Salted Honey Pie (GF Optional)

• Assorted nuts and dark chocolate



• C •




• Savory Quinoa and Chia porridge with cremini mushrooms and roasted shallots

• Sweet pea Mushroom and Kale tarts

• Pork sausage with grilled peppers

• Cardamom French Toast Served with Maple Syrup and fruit

• Savory Leek /Cheddar and Feta/scallion/ paprika scones

• Breakfast granola and fruit bars

• Banana Nut Bread




• Caprese Salad with Basil Tomato and Buffalo Mozarella

• Mixed Greens with roasted artichoke, grilled eggplant , chickpeas, virginia apples and pecans

• Green Lentil Salad with sesame seeds, scallion, radish, black garlic flakes

• Sorrel Pesto Risotto w/ with spring greens and peas

• Wakame and Shiso Rice

• Grilled Pork Tsukune with Sweet Ginger Sauce

• Roasted Coriander Chicken with grilled Okra and dukkah caulifower

• Blue Crab Cakes with caper Aioli




• Assorted Patisserie Platter

• GF Chocolate Coconut Rice Pudding

• Ricotta Berry Tart



• D •




• Make your own breakfast taco •


• Corn Tortillas served with

• Cumin scrambled eggs

• Chorizo

• Guacamole

• Shredded Mexican cheese

• Salsa Fresca

• Sour cream

• Seeded blueberry scones

• Savory Bombay scone

• Zucchini Carrot Quinoa muffin

• Fruit salad cups

• Chia Pudding cups




• Warm green lentil salad with scallions, roasted coconut and walnuts

• Mixed greens with artichoke, bamboo shoots, chickpeas and spring peppers

• Couscous salad with roasted heirloom carrots, brussel sprouts , sumac corn w/ Tahini buttermilk dressing

• 3 cheese spring greens Mac n Cheese with Rye crust

• Blue Crab Cakes with Dill dijon aioli

• Wakame Rice

• Pork Tsukune Patties with ginger soy sauce




• Chocolate baby cakes

• Cream puffs w/hats ( passion, strawberry, lemon herb)

• Fennel Marshmallows and Assorted Dark Chocolates



• E •




• Fluffy scrambled eggs with mushroom and scallion

• Pork sausage with roasted peppers

• Salmon, watermelon Radish, arugula and herbed cheese tartines

• Selection of breads/scones/ muffins

• Quinoa with seasonal fruit salad and lemon honey glaze (GF/DF)

• Yogurt parfait cups with ginger cardamom mixed berry compote (GF)

• Chia pudding cups with coconut and almond milk (GF/DF)




• Mixed greens with citrus, edamame, corn and dates

• Grilled eggplant, beet tahini, pan fried haloumi and pea shoots Crostinis

• Grilled tofu salad with barley, farro, cashews and vegetables in spiced sesame chili oil dressing

• Coconut Lime Lentils with toasted spices served with Saffron Basmati

• Baked Orzo with zucchini, sumac roasted chickpeas, tarragon, garlic and leeks

• Shrimp in a feta tomato herbed sauce

• Grilled Chicken with Ghee Roasted Potato




• Chocolate Pudding cups with toasted coconut (GF/Df)

• Seasonal Berry Tart

• Bourbon Pecan Pie



• F •




• Ham Manchego Mushroom Frittata

• Salmon Caper Asparagus Ricotta Frittata

• Hard boiled egg salad with frisée, capers, avocado and red onions (GF/DF)

• Selection of breads/scones/ muffins

• Quinoa with seasonal fruit salad and lemon honey glaze (GF/DF)

• Yogurt parfait cups with ginger cardamom mixed berry compote (GF)

• Chia pudding cups with coconut and almond milk (GF/DF)




• Baby Arugula with celery, parsley, green apples and citrus in a chili lime vinaigrette

• Warm lentil salad with toasted quinoa and spiced garbanzos (Gf/DF)

• Arborio Rice salad with asparagus, lemon zest, mint, pecorini, hazelnuts w/ champagne vinaigrette

• Linguine with sausage, grilled artichoke, tomatoes, mushroom in garlic peppered olive oil

• Cumin and balsamic grilled Salmon with crispy fried Okra

• Ras El Hanout Roast Chicken with za’atar potatoes and cauliflower w/ tahini sauce




• Chocolate Olive oil cake (GF/Df)

• Orange Blossom Polenta Cake ( GF/ DF)


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