our boxed catering

$50 - $60 pp

boxed sample menus


• A •



• Grain bowl with sautéed kale, smoked salmon, caramelized onion and pine nuts (gf/df)


• Gruyere and asparagus omelettes (gf)


• Yogurt cups w/ pistachio, orange blossom water and honey (gf)


• Smoothie bowls of cacao, maca, almond milk topped w/ pom seeds & coconut chip


• Roasted tomato and shallot confit toasts on cannelini bean paste


• Fresh baked biscuits and pastries




• Couscous w/ roasted cauliflower, chickpeas, olives and capers


• Salad of persimmon, gorgonzola, roasted pecans and greens


• Shiso and seaweed sticky rice bowls served with miso ginger broiled salmon


• Organic roast chicken with pickled red onion and charred shisito peppers




• Citrus olive oil cake

• Selection of cookies



• B •



Quinoa chia almond milk grain bowl w/  crisped persimmon


Butternut squash, shallot and pesto frittata


Whipped honey ricotta, strawberry and hemp seeds toasts


Proscuitto brie and arugula toasts w/ sorrel jam


Yogurt parfait cups w/ ginger cardamom berry compote and granola





Radicchio beet and parmesan bowls


Mixed greens w/ pear, gorgonzola, roasted pecans


Coconut lemon rice bowls served w/ fried masoor yellow lentils & coriander chutney


White fish tartines with artichoke salsa


Mildy spiced meatballs with pickled onion





Chocolate almond olive oil cake


Assorted home made cookies



• C •



Pepper roasted hard boiled eggs w/ fried shallots, curry leaves and grated coconut


Smoked salmon chevre and olive tapenade toasts


Seasonal fruit and seed cups


Acai and maca smoothie bowls topped with fruit and chia


Fresh baked biscuits w/ butter and raspberry jelly





• Pearled couscous w/ charred tomatoes, black olives and finely chopped chives


Caprese salad w/ buffalo mozzarella, basi and tomatoes


Maple roasted butternut squash, bok choy micros and crumbled feta bruschetta


Crab cakes on brioche w/ roasted pepper salsa


Sage butter roasted pork loins w/ capers and roasted artichoke






Frangapine pear tart


Salted honey pie

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